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    Considered to be one of the finest reportage photographers of the 21st Century. Bran then developed the concept of his photographs further in the sellout show "AKA Peace", through which he established the groundbreaking concept of gun transformation - taking decommissioned AK47 guns from active war zones and masterfully embellishing them with butterflies, dollar bills and symbolic materials. Bran Symondson's NFT Krypto Kalash sold on SuperRare for 20 ETH. His contemporary artworks made from real decommissioned AK47 rifles sell around the world between $30-80k.


  • Leo Caillard , ARTEM Explosion

    Leo Caillard

    ARTEM Explosion

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    Leo Caillard toys with our relationship with time. Through a blend of different periods and anachronism, he prompts us to reflect on the present in relation to our past. Inspired by science and the concerns of our contemporary society, he invites us to take a fresh look at our era, open to history, in order to rethink our future.


    His most recent NFT sold on SuperRare for 8.8 Eth.

  • 25m42, Simulated



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    25m42 is a self-taught 3D artist, who's obsession with 3D goes far beyond what the mind can grasp. Exploring HoudiniFX and other render software since 2017, 25m42 looks to continue creating highly-detailed photo realistic images using his detailed unique oriented style. Music producer/Sony Playstation Partner Aeneas Middleton (Nelly, Akon, Chamillionaire, Chingy), has teamed up with German digital artist 25m42 to create the current NFT reward for ARTEM stakers.



    OBSERVER 527, 2021

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    Vladinsky aspires to become one of the most well known visual artists in the world. The ongoing series called Observer focuses on the reflection of the man who has the time and courage to stop and look in today's society. Through constant work on this series, Vladinsky gave up making portraits because the process by which the final result is reached is a monotonous one, while the construction of these abstract figurative images makes the process and especially the final result different every time. The way the colors speak to each other and find that visual balance is unique, with a power to satisfy the eyes just like the sound of a violin or a soprano. Vladinsky's most recent solo show in London sold out. Selling canvases in the $20,000 bracket. His most recent NFT sold on Known Origin for $700.