• 25m42, Monument



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    25m42 is a self-taught 3D artist, who's obsession with 3D goes far beyond what the mind can grasp. Exploring HoudiniFX and other render software since 2017, 25m42 looks to continue creating highly-detailed photo realistic images using his detailed unique oriented style. Music producer/Sony Playstation Partner Aeneas Middleton (Nelly, Akon, Chamillionaire, Chingy), has teamed up with German digital artist 25m42 to create the current NFT reward for ARTEM stakers.


  • Animatttic, Helium


    Matty Thurston, non-binary artist from the U.K. most known by their online persona, Animatttic, creates within the abstract and conceptual, each piece evoking unique thought in the mind of their witness. The art, influenced by instruction in architecture, is a presentation on the design of one's own unconscious in the reflection of what it elicits.
  • AVA, Untamed


    AVA is a 3d visual artist born in Germany, who creates 3d visuals out of a deep state of inner reflection, vivid dreaming, and occurring visions. She is of Italian and Lithuanian descent and shares her time between Germany - where she studied virtual design - and the UK. Through her art, AVA transforms her thoughts and feelings into abstract, surreal worlds and sculptural elements. Some of her art was exhibited in London, Rome, Maastricht, and New York.